Build and grow your passive income
Our platform has simplified the world of investing in crypto, offering a simple and easy-to-use interface for all users, with a set of tools and pages to track your investments.
Total Locked Value

locked coins across all staking packs

ESIR Price

Current ESIR price on CREX24 market

Circulation Supply

Current ESIR supply, only 20 million ESIR will ever be generated

Our Features

Earn Save Invest Repeat

Earn. Save. Repeat.

Limited coin supply available trough several PostSale Levels and investment packs with up to 7% discount and staking rewards up to 30%APY to build your passive income.

A growing Treasury

ESIR coin asset-backed by the ESIR.Investments Treasury. Sustainability and growth from multi investment strategies generating profits for buybacks and marketcap growth: liquidity providing, defi farming, masternoding, portfolio rebalancing and dynamic hedging.

Easy To Use

A simple and easy-to-use interface for all users to grow and monitor their investments and passive income.

Minimum Buyback Level

5% liquidity allocation from Tresury for Minimum Buyback Level (MBL)

Referral System

Earn 5% from every purchase made by your direct L1 afiliates Earn 2% from every purchase made by the L2 afiliates (Referrals from your L1 afiliates)

7 PostSale Stages

Every PostSale Stage targets an increase of 300.000$ in TVL (Total Value Locked) on the ESIR.Investments Tresury


The ESIR Treasory

The ESIR.Investments Treasury has a difersified exposure in Liquidity Mining, MasterNoding and Trading Systems with Dynamic Hedging and Rebalancing Mechanisms to grow and profit from the market volatility over different market cycles and provide a collateral asset backing of our ESIR Coin.


ESIR Economic Strategy

Earn ESIR from Investing in Stake Packs and Referral Program, win it in the lottery, or buy it on postsale or on the Exchanges, then explore its use cases:

  • Stake it in different Staking Plans to earn passive and stable income.
  • Buy Lottery tickets in the ESIR LOTTERY.
  • More coming soon

Referral Program

multi-tier referral program consists of two referral tiers where referrers can earn commission from direct sales plus sales of those that they have referred.

  • Earn 5% from every purchase made by your direct (level 1) referrals (referees).
  • Earn 2% from every purchase made by the level 1 referrals (referees) of your referrals.

Work Process

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Multi Investing Plans

Choose Your Best Investment Plan with your Appropriate Term

Take Rewards

Enjoy Your Daily Rewards , You Can Whitdraw or reninvest them

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